Hello Flexus Labs

This was initially posted from my personal Facebook account. And due to large number of reports from parties who has got offended (which I did not expect at all) including Sahan, Nipun and some others (unfortunately due to a glitch of Facebook now I can’t view the rest of the names. This is all I remember for now, this will update if I could find the complete list again on Facebook) from Flexus Labs. All of them have called me last night. I’m sorry guys I was asleep. So let others read the same content who could not read it on Facebook ūüėČ

Dear Flexus Labs and Dumidu Navishan Thabrew, first of all I honestly appreciate your effort of even trying to pull off such a massive scale event while you are at the bottom. Which is really great. Still let me make this a moment to be straightforward about a few things.

Photography was a great industry in Sri Lanka sometime back before the arrival of Flexus Labs. Talking about event photography it was profitable back then, no doubts. There were several organisations in the industry including LetMeKnow.lk where we could gain enough profits to keep us up and running. Unfortunately, with the arrival of you all, as in Flexus Labs, things are not the same as it were. The industry got ruined day by day, and still it does. Guess I don’t have to go into details since you already know where am I standing. My only question is where is the dignity of you and your company?

Okay, so event photography is gone. But you guys did not stop there. Boom! Let us ruin the event industry too! Event Craft Productions. Flexus Labs along with Dumidu in a different name trying to get down a world class deejay without a single cent in their hands. Well, to be honest once more that is great. But my friend, what isn’t good about this is you just ruined one more industry. Events. So far it has been a great, reputed place where a lot of people enjoyed and earnt working on and look where you took it today. A whole new level? Yeah the level is worse than we could even imagine.

Trying is good, trying has never let anyone go down. But we have been taught “to be successful, do only what you do best”. Dumidu, when looking at your public profile it is pretty obvious that you are a good volunteer. Remember that doesn’t make you a good entrepreneur. We should know the size of our fingers. I have no hard feelings towards any of you. I hope you would not get any either. You can consider this post as a motivation when you are doing something you ‘can’ do next time. If there’s anything we can help you out with; me and the entire LMK crew would be glad to help you out. Yet note my words ” something you ‘can’ do”. Cheers!




We knew your attempt since the day one you stepped into a famous radio station in Sri Lanka along with a proposal make this event happen. You were so energetic (why not when you are young like 21 years?) and focus. Honestly I was curious and happy. I thought you would pull this off. But after about a month I figured that you are doing it in a wrong way.

And if my mind serves me right a few months back while we were doing an event at Havelock Grounds you came there to measure the ground with a six (6) meter tape. Bro, that is not how you measure a ground. Learn basics first. Event Craft, it is a¬†great page, good branding, nice logo even though it is a template. All the graphics were good and neat, but none was specific. Releasing the Hardwell’s clip to boost the ticket sale seems to be a good idea, but was it right? Again I’m not going to explain why, because a) it is a matter about your safety¬†b) you still a kid c) I have my dignity even though you don’t.

Let me clear my throat,¬†I don’t have any personal issues¬†with any of you all. I haven’t even met you guys properly. I only have seen and heard¬†what you do and the way you behave in the industry which is not the proper way to be¬†and that’s the only concern with which I am writing this. None of us are leaders or I don’t say any of us want the whole cake. Still we expect a fair play from you don’t we? I know you guys just started and lack a lot of experience, but at least be nice enough to listen to someone who has been here before you when they try to explain you without going in to a all drama-queen-mode. We would be grateful if you could maintain some industry standards and pricing. Do something which benefits you at least. Not just for your pleasure to say “wow I captured a numbers of girls today” going home and looking at your camera with nothing.

Why couldn’t you use that potential energy to do something better?¬†Don’t break up the big banks. Start small, then grow.

4 thoughts on “Hello Flexus Labs

  1. […] the event was cancelled. The ‚ÄėEvent Craft‚Äô page was deleted, the event was deleted and¬†until Dinuka Lankaloka revealed how it really went down, on his blog,¬†the general public did not know the real reason behind the cancellation and the catastrophic […]

  2. […] was cancelled. The ‘Event Craft’ page was deleted, the event was deleted and¬†until Dinuka Lankaloka revealed how it really went down, on his blog,¬†the general public did not know the real reason behind the cancellation and the catastrophic […]

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