After moving a WordPress site, wp-admin redirects to old site?

Recently, I had to move one of my WordPress projects, from my development server to the client’s server. So what I did was, I copied the database and all the files, created a new database and imported the old one. I then changed the wp-config file accordingly. Now home page works pretty fine, however I … Continue reading After moving a WordPress site, wp-admin redirects to old site?

Remove .html extensions with .htaccess

When you create a simple website with HTML, or PHP you will want to have user-friendly URLs on your site. Instead of you will want to have Follow the below guide to achieve this by simply editing the .htaccess file in your Apache Server.   Go to File Manager – in the FILES … Continue reading Remove .html extensions with .htaccess

Join Flexus. Ruin Something.

This is about a downfall of a solid industry in Sri Lanka. Quoted from the personal blog of Ravindu Thimantha. Enjoy! Claiming to be the fastest growing event management company in Sri Lanka, even though they haven’t managed any real events ‘except for birthday parties’ to quote the CEO of Flexus Labs, Sahan Senevirathne, (who later denied … Continue reading Join Flexus. Ruin Something.

1982 Mercedes-Benz W123 Plug-in Hybrid

Motivated by the 1979 energy crisis, Mercedes-Benz travelled to the 32nd annual Hanover Trade Fair that took place in 1982 to showcase a battery-powered prototype based on the w123 waggon.  The electric w123 was part of Mercedes’ goal to test all technically and economically feasible alternatives to traditional gasoline- and diesel-powered cars and it was … Continue reading 1982 Mercedes-Benz W123 Plug-in Hybrid

Hello Flexus Labs

This was initially posted from my personal Facebook account. And due to large number of reports from parties who has got offended (which I did not expect at all) including Sahan, Nipun and some others (unfortunately due to a glitch of Facebook now I can’t view the rest of the names. This is all I … Continue reading Hello Flexus Labs